Hampton Fun Run 2019

112:06Chelsie BoleFemale
212:29Ben GarfieldMale
312:32Harry FriendMale
412:39Oliver ArberMaleHampton Vale
512:45William TeeMaleHampton College Primary
613:19Logan GichuhiMale
713:20James GarfieldMale
814:20Isaac JonesMaleLongthorpe
914:32Jensen ReeveMaleHampton College Primary
1014:32Logan LesterMaleHampton Vale
1114:34Oscar TeeMaleHampton Vale
1214:36Matt TeeMale
1314:48Freya HawkswellFemale
1415:11Harlan FarrowMaleHampton College Primary
1516:29Helen AkpunarFemaleHampton College Primary
1616:53Lola HillierFemale
1717:06Amy WalthewFemaleHampton Hargate
1818:57Darren ParkinMaleEye Primary
1919:59Seth BrittonMale
2020:19Nelly BrittonFemale
2120:20Wayne BrittonMale
2221:08Ava Amato-GauciFemaleHampton College Primary
2321:26Theo LesterMaleHampton Vale
2421:26Joe LesterMale
2523:45Evie Van UdenFemaleHampton College Primary
2627:29Miriam Amato-GauciFemaleHampton College Primary
2727:30Charlotte Amato-GauciFemale
2828:25Henley LilleyMaleHampton Vale
2939:17Dylan WrightMaleFourfields

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