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Affiliation for running clubs

Every club member who has entered a race at some point will have stated that they an affiliated runner, but what, apart from saving you £2 on each race, does this exactly mean?

Basically, the overwhelming majority of running clubs in the UK are affiliated to an organisation, which oversees many aspects of the sport in this country. The main benefit is that it allows the club to gets permits for races and saves all of you money on race entry fees.

However, things do get slightly confusing as there are, in fact, two rival organisations that clubs can join. The first is England Athletics (EA), which is the authority for the sport in this country. It oversees track and field events, as well as road and cross-country races. It is also responsible, in conjunction with UK Athletics, for the nation’s coaching system and the development of elite athletes.

The other organisation is the Association of Running Clubs (ARC), which has more of a focus on running away from the track and was formed to give more back to its member clubs.

Yaxley Runners is affiliated to both organisations, although EA requires that individuals should also register and pay an extra fee (£15 for 2019/20). Because the number of London Marathon places the club receives is based on the number of EA members we have, you are also required to sign up with that organisation if you wish to be entered in our London ballot.

As a member of an ARC and EA affiliated club, you should be able to enter the majority of races without having to pay the unattached levy (this covers insurance for unattached runners), but some races are now insisting that runners have individual EA membership to qualify for this.

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