Club Handicap 2023-24

The Club Handicap is a short race of 2.2 miles currently run at the figure of eight lakes between Lakeside Crescent and Shore Road in Hampton. The race is four laps of those two lakes.

The race works based on previous times run in the handicap and in 5k races (including parkrun). The club works out a handicap time for you and we start you at those various times with the aim that you all finish together in a mass photo finish after a sprint round the final bends in your individual bids for victory!

The first two occasions you take part you are qualifying for future races, so you’ll run in the main body of the event but whilst you may finish first you cannot win the race. Once you’ve competed twice you are in the race “proper” with those two qualifying times allowing us to set your handicap accurately, meaning you can win the race and the associated prizes.

We run the event six times per season usually at two month intervals. In the winter months it will be run at 9:30am on a Sunday and when there is daylight available we run the race on a Thursday evening at 6:30pm.

The prizes are generally bottles of wine presented at the annual club presentation. There are also overall prizes for the six race series based on finishing positions.

Member Jun Sep Dec Jan Score
Craig Bradley ½ 5
Simon Hunt 5 5
Anna Devine 5 5
Amy Rickards 5 5
William Elliott 4 ½
Daniel Holland 4 4
Barbara Johnson 2 2 4
Nicola Cuthbert 4 4
Philip Amato Gauci ½ 3
Rob Coles 3 3
Darren Ellis 3 3
Neil Price 2 2
Andrew Christophi 1 1
Matthew Allingham ½ ½
David Bell ½ ½
Lesley Coles ½ ½
Min Migliorini ½ ½
Sam Makwembere ½ ½
Duncan Jackson ½ ½