2012-13 Season Awards

Club Runner of the Year: Barbara Johnson

Club Member of the Year: Claire Piercy

Club Champions 2012-13
1st:  Hugh Burton
2nd: Mike Morley
3rd:  Simon Hunt

1st: Claire Piercy
2nd: Suzie Hall
3rd: Roslyn Loutit

Club Handicap
1st: Michael Barker
2nd: Anne Meadows
3rd: Barbara Johnson

Flying the Flag
1st: Mark Hazlehurst
2nd: Barbara Johnson
3rd: Paul Atherfold

Frostbite Handicap
Male: Simon Perkins
Female: Roslyn Loutit

Frostbite Runner of the Year
Male: Duncan Jackson
Female: Claire Piercy


Barbara Johnson

Claire Piercy
Jim Grant
Karen Ives
Mark Hazlehurst
Roslyn Loutit
Sue Harlow
Suzie Hall

Don Brazier
Hugh Burton
Mike Barker
Mike Morley
Peter Thompson
Sally Evans

Mathew Stearn
Kevin Peel

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