Club Handicap 2014-15

Karen Ives5.03.08.0
Laura Conway0.55.05.5
Kyle Ballantyne5.05.0
David Robinson0.54.04.5
Anne Meadows4.04.0
Don Brazier4.04.0
Lesley Coles3.01.04.0
Steve Joy1.
Mark Evans0.53.03.5
Colin Berridge2.00.52.5
Natasha Johnson22.0
Kevin Peel0.50.51.0
Rob Coles0.50.51.0
Mike Morley0.50.51.0
Paul McCarthy0.50.51.0
Ross Cameron0.50.51.0
Sharon Leslie0.50.51.0
Sharron Toms0.50.51.0
Stuart Reed0.50.51.0
Bob Smith0.50.5
Chris Hewitt0.50.5
Dave Bell0.50.5
Duncan Jackson0.50.5
James Mogridge0.50.5
Jason Corden0.50.5
Jason Vernalls0.50.5
Lorraine Howard0.50.5
Mark Hazelhurst0.50.5
Paul Atherfold0.50.5
Philip Carline0.50.5
Barbara Johnson0.50.5
John Ackroyd0.50.5
Robert Smith0.50.5
Sarah Smith0.50.5

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