St Neots Half Marathon and Leeds Abbey Dash 10k

The club enjoyed a successful morning at the St Neots Half Marathon, with a flurry of PBs from members taking part.

It goes without saying that Barbara Johnson recorded another PB and won her category with a time of 1:49:56, while Duncan Jackson, Neil Bason, Mark Evans, Sue Harlow, Rob Coles and Lesley Coles also produced best ever times.

Full results: 103 – Hugh Burton (1:29:14), 166 – Duncan Jackson (1:33:16), 172 – Al Good (1:33:43), 204 – Neil Bason (1:35:48), 215 – Mark Evans (1:36:40), 244 – Gavin Farrow (1:38:23),  299 – Sue Harlow (1:41:35), 335 – Rob Coles (1:43:38),  407 – Lesley Coles (1:47:07), 447 – Peter Thompson (1:49:13), 464 – Barbara Johnson (1:49:56)

Well done also to Claire Piercy, who completed the Leeds Abbey Dash 10k in a great time of 44:50.

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