Resumption of Club Nights Monday 29th March

Clubs, groups and coaching/leading activity can now take place in unlimited numbers if it is within a COVID-19 secure environment – what this means in practice is that Yaxley Runners have appointed an internal COVID-19 coordinator and have risk assessments in place.

By attending club nights and coaching sessions you are confirming that you are well, have not been showing any symptoms of COVID-19 and agree to sharing your details with the Government’s test and trace service.  A declaration form must be returned via e-mail prior to attending club nights.

You must also be a ‘paid-up’ member of Yaxley for the current season which started on 1st June 2020.

We will be asking members to sign in at the start of each session so that that your contact details can be shared upon request with the Government’s Test and Trace initiative.

EA guidelines apply to England only and are based on the use of public spaces, outdoor activity and exercise. We recommend that you stay up-to-date with government guidance at all times. Government guidance supersedes all advice given by the governing body and must be followed at all times.

The safety and wellbeing of all athletes, runners, coaches and the wider community is at the heart of any guidance that England Athletics is distributing, and embraced by Yaxley Runners & Joggers.  Please be sensible, run outdoors, don’t run in groups larger than 6, maintain a distance of 2m, and respect the public at all times.

Whilst this is great news there will of course be requirements of us all to allow this to happen. These are detailed below, and we would like you to review them carefully before considering attending.

Club Nights Procedure

It goes without saying that social distancing must be maintained at all times

  1. Before attending a club night a member must have paid their annual subscription and completed our declaration form. Completed declarations to be emailed to For avoidance of doubt anyone who has not returned the signed declaration in advance will not be permitted to run on a club night.
  2. We will meet on the far side of the car park off Beaumont Way, where one appointed person, Karen Ives, will take the register recording both attendance and which group each member runs in.
  3. The members will be grouped together in up to 5 groups depending on expected pace and numbers. Groups as follows a) less than 8min b) 8-9 min c) 9-10 min d) 10-11 min e) 11-12 min
    The group size will be between 3-6 members.
  4. Each group to appoint a leader who will carry bum bag containing hand sanitiser, gloves, face mask and phone in case of a fall or other incident. The route for each group to run will be predetermined on a rotation basis and published as the club diary. The groups will leave at staggered times 2 mins apart to avoid leaving venue on mass. On no account will any members be allowed to switch groups once running has commenced. The group leaders are to hold on to the bum bags after the run and bring back the following week if possible. We will need volunteers to lead these groups (you don’t need to be a trained coach or have passed any qualifications).
  5. There will be no time for club announcements, these will be covered via other club communications on line.
  6. There will no toilets or changing facilities available.
  7. After the run has been completed runners are asked not to hang around chatting but instead make their way home as soon as practical.
  8. The attendance data will be keyed into a club spreadsheet each week to record who has attended and which group they ran in.
  9. Anyone who experiences Covid symptoms following a run must notify either Raeanne Elliot or Karen Ives. The club will then contact the national test and trace helpline so that other runners from the group can be contacted.
  10. We will review how each week has gone and ask for feedback from members and agree to change our procedures if deemed necessary.
  11. Initially the club only intends to meet on Monday nights. There are no current plans for seniors to meet on Thursdays or for juniors to meet.


PDF – Returning to Club Training during 2020 in a COVID Secure Environment – please take your time to read it prior to arriving at a running/coached session.

Word – Declaration Form – which must be signed and returned to prior to attending a session.

Further information can be found here – courtesy of EA.