10k Training Plan – Week 8

This week is the last week with the “race” at the end.

Session 1: Easy run 30 to 40 mins

Remember easy runs should be a gentle pace your breathing should be relaxed enough for you to be able to talk normally.

Session 2: Fartlek run 50-70 mins

Include 5 to 6 1 minute efforts at 5k to 10k pace with a minute recovery in between. Don’t forget to also include a warm-up and warm-down. Remember to keep the efforts at the same level and adjust the recovery if needed. If you want to push harder for this one you could do the second half of the reps at a faster pace. So your workout might be: 40 min @ easy pace, 4 x 1 min @10k pace with 1 min recovery, 2 x 1 min @ 5k pace with 1 min recovery, then finish with 10 min warm-down. This is the last training session of the plan. Are you ready for race day?

Session 3: Race Day

Enjoy the race, don’t forget to smile! Trust your training and go for it – remember to pace yourself on the way round and save something for a strong, fast finish.

You should try to fit in 2 rest days in this plan where you don’t train at all, the other 2 days you could cross-train, go for an easy pace run or take the day off depending on how you feel. Try and make one of the rest days the day before the race – this can be either a complete day off or a cross-training day depending on what suits you best.