2017-18 Season Award Winners


Runners of the Year
Harry Friend
Abigail Branston

Improvers of the Year
Thomas Brewer
Lucy Thompson

Club Champions

U11 Boys Champion William Tee
U11 Boys 2nd place Toby Smith
U11 Boys 3rd place Harlan Farrow

U11 Girls Champion Lucy Thompson
U11 Girls 2nd Place Jessica Hawke

U13 Boys Champion Harry Friend
U13 Boys 2nd place Oliver Smith
U13 Boys 3rd place Sam Friend

U13 Girls Champion Amelia Devine
U13 Girls 2nd Place Maddie Smith

U15 Girls Champion Lucy Branston

U17 Girls Champion Abigail Branston

1st: Lucy Thompson
2nd: Harry Friend
3rd: Jessica Hawke

Frostbite Runners of the series
Harry Friend
Millie Devine

Hampton Fun Run
1st Yaxley Boy William Tee
1st Yaxley Girl Millie Devine


Club Runner of the Year
Hugh Burton

Club Member of the Year
Paul McCarthy
Steve Megson

Club Champions

1st: Mike Morley
2nd: Darren Hillier
3rd: Hugh Burton

Gina Crane
2nd: Roslyn Loutit
3rd: Claire Piercy

Age Groups

Club Champion – MS Darren Hillier
2nd Place Joe Wright
3rd Place Steve Megson

Club Champion – FS Leah Capon
2nd Place Helena Potgieter
3rd Place Natasha Jacob

Club Champion – MV40 Mike Morley
2nd Place Hugh Burton
3rd Place Mike Branston

Club Champion – FV40 Gina Crane
2nd Place Amanda Britton
3rd Place Claire Piercy

Club Champion – MV50 Rob Coles
2nd Place Tim Loutit

Club Champion – FV50 Roslyn Loutit

Club Champion – MV60 Geoff Brown

Senior Handicap
1st Charlotte Cole
2nd Steve Megson
3rd= Helena Potgieter
3rd= Emily Hawke

Flying the Flag
1st Ian Vallance
2nd Steve Megson
3rd Adam Blake

Frostbite Handicap Winner
Hugh Burton
Roslyn Loutit

Senior Frostbite Runners of the series
Joe Wright
Gina Crane


Dawn Friend (FV40)
David Whitwell (MS)
Tim Loutit (MV50)

Raeanne Elliott (FV35)
Joe Wright (MS)
Paul McCarthy (MV45)

Leah Capon (FS)
Natasha Jacob (FV35)
Darren Hillier (MS)
Mark Devine (MV45)

Mike Branston (MV40)
Hugh Burton (MV45)

Kayleigh Draper (FS)
Amanda Britton (FV45)
Mike Morley (MV40)

Gina Crane (FV40)
Claire Piercy (FV45)
Karen Ives (FV50)

Repeat Standards
Platinum: Roslyn Loutit, Barbara Johnson
Diamond: Sharron Toms
Gold: Jo Slade, Karen Freeman, Lesley Coles, Nina Wright
Silver: Emily Hawke, Anne Meadows, Mark Evans
Bronze: Charlotte Sortwell, Helena Potgieter, Anna Devine, Steve Joy, Dean Longman
Marble: Keith Gillespie, Steve Megson, Ian Vallance, Rob Smith, Rob Coles

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