Club Championship 2014-15

The Club Championships are run over a selection of races over the season. You can take part in as many or as few of the Club Championship races as you want. Final results will be based on an individual’s top seven race scores.

Points are scored as followed:
1st – 15 points
2nd – 12 points
3rd – 10 points
4th – 8 points
5th – 6 points
6th – 4 points
7th – 3 points
8th – 2 points
9th – 1 point

For 2014-15 the Club Championship races are:

  • July: Stamford 5k
  • August: Reepham 10k (club trip out)
  • September: Oundle Magnificent 7
  • October: Great Eastern Half Marathon
  • December: Hinchingbrooke Frostbite
  • February: Bourne Frostbite
  • February: Stamford 30k
  • March: timed mile at the Track
  • April: Sandy 10
  • May: Deeping 10k
Mens Championships 2014-15
MensStamford 5kReepham 10kOundle Magnificent 10Great Eastern RunHinchingbrooke FrostbiteBourne FrostbiteFeb: Stamford 30kMarch: timed mile at trackApril: Sandy 10May: Deeping 10kBest 7
James Mogridge15151215151515102
Mike Morley1215121015121288
Steve Joy-Good382316121549
Mark Evans412312839
Hugh Burton101081038
Chris Hewitt8101230
Kyle Ballantyne610824
Kevin Peel481224
Mike Branston846422
Gary Masters1101021
Ian Vallance168318
Simon Perkins10616
Maarten Jumelet1515
Steve Megson46414
Gavin Farrow23611
Dean Longman1010
Paul McCarthy3328
Philip Carline88
John Ackroyd88
Andrew Johnson617
Matt Lauch66
Don Brazier246
David Bell66
Tim Loutit145
Neil Bason44
Jim Grant44
Paul Atherfold44
Alex Green33
Oli Carpenter33
Jack Little1113
Adrian Green22
Andrew Wright22
Dan Asplin22
Mark Devine22

Ladies Championships 2014-15

WomensStamford 5kReepham 10kOundle Magnificent 10Great Eastern RunHinchingbrooke FrostbiteBourne FrostbiteStamford 30kTimed MileSandy 10Deeping 10kBest 7
Roslyn Loutit1215151015151515102
Claire Piercy121212121260
Sharron Toms61088101557
Anna Totterdell48234101243
Kerry Balmer1210644642
Karen Ives108121242
Lesley Coles843610839
Natasha Johnson156829
Jo Slade101241027
Sue Harlow101525
Caroline Woods1515
Barbara Johnson326314
Nina Wright16613
Lesley Harwood82212
Sally Evans4610
Laura Conway432110
Suzanne Galbraith88
Tracy Farrow88
Sharon Leslie66
Kirstin Homewood336
Anna Devine246
Charlotte Hamling44
Sarah Smith33
Sarah Endicott213
Sue Thorpe33
Lisa Sullivan22
Jayne Stringer11
Raj Mondair11
Katie Devine11
Jean Maggs11


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