Flying the Flag 2014-15

The ‘Flying the Flag’ competition was the idea of Gary Thrugood and started in 1997-98.  The idea is quite simple; to reward those who compete regularly in local races, wearing their club kit and “flying the flag” for Yaxley Runners. Running capability or distance is not a factor as the quickest runners in the club are rewarded in other ways.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 1 point for any competitive race completed.
  • 1 point for competing in a club ‘handicap’ race.
  • 1 bonus point can be earned by competing in a complete series e.g. Frostbite Friendly league, Peterborough 5k Grand Prix series, Cambs AAA road race league
  • 1 point for completing in special events such as the Werrington Guestimate or the  Bushfield “Pub run”.

Although the series is primarily about promoting the club, exception will be made for not wearing a club vest/shirt, for example when wearing a charity top or if on holiday abroad when you discover a local race and decide to run!

Flying the Flag 2014-15 (as at 21 April 2015)
Paul McCarthy88
Ian Vallance76
Mike Barker66
Steve Megson63
Laura Conway57
Barbara Johnson57
Sharron Toms55
Gary Masters46
Paul Atherfold46
Mark Hazlehurst45
Lorraine Howard39
Ross Cameron39
Sarah Endicott33
James Mogridge33
John Ackroyd27
Jim Grant27
Mark Evans27
Anna Devine27
Karen Ives26
Chris Hewitt25
Kevin Peel25
Steve Joy-Good24
Anna Totterdell24
Andrew Johnson23
Kerry Balmer22
Don Brazier22
Claire Piercy21
Gavin Farrow21
Lesley Coles21
Roslyn Loutit21
Karen Freeman21
Mike Morley20
Sue Harlow20
Matt Benton20
Katie Bevan20
Charlotte Hamling19
Sue Thorpe19
Neil Bason18
Sharon Leslie18
Rob Coles18
Kyle Ballantyne17
Kelly Bennett17
Nina Wright17
Christopher Ruthe16
Natasha Johnson15
Hugh Burton15
Sara Davis15
Rob Smith15
Richard Turner15
Tamara Cook14
Simon Perkins14
Matt Lauch14
Adrian Green13
Dean Longman13
Bob Smith13
Philip Carline12
Duncan Jackson11
Jayne Stringer11
Alex Green11
Sally Evans10
Jack Little10
Kirstin Homewood10
Sarah Smith10
John Howard9
David Bell9
Caroline Woods9
Tracy Farrow9
Mathew Bone9
Raj Mondair9
Mike Branston8
Jo Slade8
Anne Meadows7
Maarten Jumelet6
Lisa Sullivan6
Gary Thurgood6
Lesley Harwood6
Colin Berridge5
Peter Thompson5
Tim Johnson5
Jason Corden5
Tim Loutit5
Juliet Dixon4
Dawn Bridges4
Mark Devine4
Suzanne Galbraith4
Andrew Wright3
Carol Riley3
Sean Murphy3
Stuart Reed3
Chris Burke2
Daniel Johnson2
David Robinson2
Geoff Brown2
Alan Good2
Oliver Carpenter2
Susan Williams2
Jean Maggs2
Andrew Little1
Francis Sykes1
Simon Hunt1
Keith Shaw1

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