Club handicap 2012-13

NameRace no. 88: 28/06/2012Race no. 89: 09/08/2012Race no. 90: 27/09/2012Race no. 91:Race no. 92:Race no. 93Points
Hugh Burton13:503.013:344.07.0
Neil Bason15:050.514:255.014:240.56.0
Al Good15:100.514:255.05.5
Mike Barker20:235.021:550.55.5
Steve Joy13:352.013:342.013:410.54.5
Mark Evans14:454.04.0
Lesley Coles16:264.04.0
Corinne Morgan18:301.018:590.518:282.03.5
Stuart Reed17:343.018:220.53.5
Barbara Johnson17:183.03.0
Ian Vallance14:030.513:510.51.0
Don Brazier16:231.01.0
Nina Wright18:431.01.0
QAndrew Burgess16:170.50.5
John Harper18:320.50.5
QTracy Farrow19:200.50.5
QSharn Phagoora20:550.50.5
Anne Meadows21:060.50.5
QSue Harlow16:230.50.5
David Robinson18:370.50.5
QJohn Ackroyd15:100.50.5
Mark Hazelhurst17:260.50.5
QMichelle Overton21:420.50.5
QSofia Mastrangelo23:480.50.5
QSue Thorpe19:590.50.5

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