Club Championships 2013-14

The Club Championships are run over a selection of races over the season. You can take part in as many or as few of the Club Championship races as you want. Final results will be based on an individual’s top seven race scores.

Points are scored as followed:
1st – 15 points
2nd – 12 points
3rd – 10 points
4th – 8 points
5th – 6 points
6th – 4 points
7th – 3 points
8th – 2 points
9th – 1 point

For 2012-13 the Club Championship races are:

– Bushy 10k (14 July)
– Barney 5k (Ferry Meadows, 14 August)
– West Pinchbeck 10k (29 September)
– Great Eastern Half Marathon (13 October)
– Bushfield Frostbite (3 November)
– Nene Valley Harrier’s 10m (1 December)
– Cambs XC (January)
– Oakley 20 (March)
– Bourne Frostbite (2 February)
– Peterborough Parkrun

Please see below for final 2013-14 results:

Mens Championships 2013-14

MensBushy 10kBarney 5kWest Pinchbeck 10kGERBushfield FBNVH 10Camb XCBourne FrostbiteOakley 20Pboro Parkrun
James Mogridge1515121215151515102
Mike Morley121010121512121285
Matt Lauch1215151557
Hugh Burton8842101042
Mark Hazlehurst1033101036
Kyle Ballantyne33412830
Ian Vallance46612827
Mark Evans66820
Steve Joy-Good81018
Kevin Peel136818
Neil Bason644317
Paul Atherfold226313
Rob Smith8412
Petro Bartosyk1212
Jamie Toms1010
Mike Branston1010
Steve Megson3429
Simon Hunt88
Simon Perkins88
Andrew Johnson66
Dean Longman2316
Jim Katter66
Chris Hewitt44
Adrian Green44
Paul McCarthy112
Graham Cooke22
John Harper22
Duncan Jackson22
Richard Turner1
Gavin Farrow11
Jack Little11

Ladies Championships 2013-14

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