Updated Volunteer Instructions / Duties

Many thanks to all that have volunteered to help run our annual 15 mile road race. The roster is looking very healthy with all bar a few roles left to fill.

We still require some additional help after the race to help clear up the school and village hall and someone who would be willing to provide the sweep vehicle.

For all those that are assisting with the car parking, please could you aim to be at the village hall at 08:15.

For those helping in the race HQ before the race, please aim to be at the school hall at 08:30.

Anyone that is only marshalling (some marshals are assisting with the car parking as well) or manning the water stations, please could you aim to be at the village hall at 09:45.

For those that are involved within the finish area (chip removal, t-shirts, cereal bars) please aim to be at the village hall at 10:30.

A reminder that ALL HELPERS are entitled to FREE TEA/COFFEE but you will need to purchase your own Bacon Roll…..
All helpers will also receive a Race T-shirt if available. Can I ask the Club members (non runners) reframe from collecting a T-shirt on the day.

All those on Parking / Marshalling / Water Stations duties are required to wear a ‘high-viz’ vest. Please collect from the Village Hall and Return to the School, after the Race.  In addition please make a note of the Mobile No. Below. Paper copies will be available on the day.

Duties as follows:

Car parking Co-Ordinator: Duncan Jackson

Car Parking: Steve Joy-Good, Rob Sleight, Mike Morley, Al Good, Alex Green, Kevin Peel, Dean Longman, Angus Marshall, Richard Fenn, Steve Megson, James Mogridge, Ross Bennett, Andy Todd, Ross Cameron, Phillip Carline, Alan Condon, Matt Bone, Andrew Johnson, Jack Little, Andy Little, Bob Smith, Jason Cordon.

Chief Marshals: Peter Thompson, Jim Grant

Marshals: Jack Little, Andy Little, Seamus Woods, Al Good, Alex Green, Angus Marshall, Richard Fenn, Duncan Jackson, Jason Cordon, Adrian Graham (Ramsey Runners), Dougie Baker, Janice Baker, Matt Bone, Lesley Harwood, Karen Ives, Nilesh Patel (Bushfield Runner), Dave Armstrong (Bushfield Runner), Claire Day (Bushfield Runner), Pat Shepperson (Bushfield Runner), Helen Bloodworth (Bushfield Runner), Gary Marshall (Bushfield Runner), Hannah Marshall (Bushfield Runner), Sarah Stone (Bushfield Runner), Lucy Stone (Bushfield Runner), Sue Pawson (Bushfield Runner), Jill Murray (Bushfield Runner), Wendy Coxhall (Bushfield Runner), Eve Lester (Bushfield Runner), Kiasen Gordon Griffin (Bushfield Runner), Chris Stapleton (Bushfield Runner), Gareth Burgess (Bushfield Runner), David Robinson, Malcolm Robinson, Nigel Thompson, Tony Carroll, John Webber, Elaine Webber, Eye Runners X8, Mike Conner (Werrington Joggers), Sarah Brown (Werrington Joggers).

Finish Area Set Up: Sean Murphy, Paul McCarthy, Seamus Woods.

Finish Area Clean Up: Paul McCarthy, Paul Atherfold, Callum Atherfold.

Water Stations:

Morbourne Hill: Margret Wilson, Sue Thompson, Mel Carroll, Sally Kucharski,

Bullock Hill: Steve Nightingale, Julie Nightingale, Ed Newton, Janet Newton, Chris Burke, Carol Bonney.

Folksworth Village: Lorraine Howard, Rachel Watson, Alex Watson, Catherine Langham, Jean Maggs.

Traffic Control: Terry Murphy, Barry Loughton.

T Shirts: Sarah Endicott, Emily Walker, Sara Davis, Bethan Endicott, Callum Atherfold.

Cereal Bars: Tamara Cook, Sue Thorpe, Barbara Johnson, Sarah Smith, Alex Devine, Amelia Devine.

Chip Removal: Roslyn Loutit, Tim Loutit, Rhiannon Loutit, Kirstin Loutit.

Chip Timing Co-Ordinator: Claire Piercy

HQ Co-Ordinator: Nina Wright.

Baggage: Lesley Coles, Carol Riley, Callum Atherfold, Kerry Balmer. Jo Slade, Jayne Stringer

Number Distribution: Kirstin Homewood, Anna Devine, Charlotte Sortwell, Anna Totterdell, Kelly Bennett, Karen Ives.

Race Set Up / Clear Up: Colin Berridge, Don Brazier, Stacey Homewood.

Car Clock: Brian Johnson, Natasha Johnson.

Finish Area Co-Ordinator: Paul McCarthy

Finish Funnel: Mark Hazlehurst, Mark Devine.

Presentation: Gavin Farrow, Jim Grant.

Sweep Up Vehicle: Ross Bennett, Carole Robinson

School/Village Hall Clean up: Nina Wright, Lesley Coles, Duncan Jackson, Raj Mondair,