10k Training Plan – Week 2

You’ll see that this week is very similar to last week but with a little bit extra work and slightly longer sessions as we build up the endurance strength.

Session 1: Easy run 40 to 60 mins

This session is for endurance building and will be the 1st session of each week. Remember easy runs should be a gentle pace your breathing should be relaxed enough for you to be able to talk normally. It’s important not to overdo easy runs and you’ll find that 70-80% of your training will be at an easy pace. Over time your easy pace may become faster but remember to ensure you finish with plenty of energy, the effort expended should be the same even if the speed increases.

Session 2: Fartlek run 40-60 mins.

Include 6 x 2 minutes at 5k to 10k pace with 1 minute recovery jog in between each repetition. Also include a warm-up and warm-down. So the session might look like this: 20 minutes easy pace, speed session (18 minutes), finish with 20 minutes of easy pace to cool down followed by some stretches. It’s important to keep the hard sessions at the same pace and not start too fast and not have the power to complete the session. Sometimes it might take a couple of reps to settle in to a comfortable fast pace.

Session 3: Long run 50 to 75 mins

A nice easy pace run. Another endurance building run to end the week. These runs will allow your body to run faster over longer distances so don’t be tempted to run faster than an easy pace on such runs. Remember, not every run is a race, stick to the plan and you’ll get the results.

Finally, remember that your training should be enjoyable, if you need to miss a session then it’s not the end of the world and if you find you’ve missed too many you can always loop back a week or two and build again.

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