10k Training Plan – Week 3

A change to the training this week as we introduce a bit of speed into the regular runs.

Session 1: Easy run 40 to 60 mins

Remember easy runs should be a gentle pace your breathing should be relaxed enough for you to be able to talk normally. It’s important not to overdo easy runs and you’ll find that 70-80% of your training will be at an easy pace. Over time your easy pace may become faster but remember to ensure you finish with plenty of energy, the effort expended should be the same even if the speed increases.

Session 2: Tempo run 40-60 mins

Include 2 to 3 miles at Tempo Run Pace. This should be a pace that is harder than the easy pace runs. Your breathing should be fast but not out of control and you should end the run feeling like you’ve worked quite hard and you’re ready for the cool down. This run is about pushing your lactate threshold.

Session 3: Progression run 60 to 70 mins

A nice easy pace run. Another endurance building run to end the week Finish the last 10-15 minutes at a medium to hard effort. This run is about controlling your early effort in the run so you can finish strong.

You should try to fit in 2 rest days in this plan where you don’t train at all, the other 2 days you could cross-train, go for an easy pace run or take the day off depending on how you feel.