10k Training Plan – Week 4

This week will be the 1st recovery week, so time to consolidate and let your body recovery before next week’s harder sessions.

Session 1: Easy run 30 to 45 mins

A shorter easy run to help maximise recovery to start the week. Remember easy runs should be a gentle pace your breathing should be relaxed enough for you to be able to talk normally.

Session 2: Fartlek run 40-60 mins

Include up to 5 x 3 minutes at 5k pace with 1 minute jog recovery between each rep. Don’t forget to include a warm-up and warm-down. This is the only hard session this week so go for it. Don’t forget to try to keep the effort sections similar in pace and effort expended and adjust the recovery if needed. This session is designed to test both your mental and physical strength and it will feel tough especially during the last couple of hard efforts.

Session 3: Long run 70 to 90 mins

A nice easy pace run. Another endurance building run to end the week. This should not be a challenge, if you’re finding it too tough then you might need to slow down your easy pace or think about circling back a couple of weeks to build a little more speed and endurance strength.

You should try to fit in 2 rest days in this plan where you don’t train at all, the other 2 days you could cross-train, go for an easy pace run or take the day off depending on how you feel.