10k Training Plan – Week 6

This week is quite a long week and you may find yourself running more than 10k on some of the sessions – it’s all about a final push on your endurance this week with some final speed sessions next week before we bring everything together for the final week.

Session 1: Easy run 80 to 100 mins

Remember easy runs should be a gentle pace your breathing should be relaxed enough for you to be able to talk normally.

Session 2: Tempo run 50-70 mins

Include up to 3 miles at Tempo pace and include a warmup and warm-down. Make sure you’re running in a relaxed manner with no tension in the shoulders, a straight body with your core holding everything together. Often when you start to tire during a run you might find you lean forward or your shoulders become tight so concentrate on your posture in the later stages. The core is what often lets runners down and then the pelvis starts to tilt which makes the running much harder and can result in injury. So make sure you engage your core and keep a good posture. We tell the juniors to imagine a helium balloon holding their head so they are running tall, so try that but also imagine your pelvis is a bucket of water and make sure you don’t spill any out of the front or back.

Session 3: Long 70 to 90 mins

A nice easy pace run. Another endurance building run to end the week. This should not be a challenge but if you’re sticking to this plan then you’ll have run for longer this week than any other so make sure you take the rest days and get ready for the speed sessions next week.

You should try to fit in 2 rest days in this plan where you don’t train at all, the other 2 days you could cross-train, go for an easy pace run or take the day off depending on how you feel.