Adrian’s Half Marathon Training Plan – Week 2

Session 1: Easy Run

50-70 minutes. Basic endurance building, remember to keep it at an easy pace. These runs will become one of the foundations of the plan so it’s good if you’ve got a few routes you can use so that you don’t get bored with running the same one all the time. It’s also useful if you’ve got a route that you can extend a little if you’re finding that you want a little more (or cut short if you need to).

Session 2: Tempo Intervals

2-3 x 2 miles at Tempo Pace with 4 minute jog recovery in between reps. Include a warm-up and warm-down. Tempo Intervals are about find ing a fast but comfortable rhythm. Your heart rate will be higher than the easy pace runs but you should be able to speak two or three word sentences. It’s important to find a good rhythm as this is going to help come race day.

Session 3: Easy Run

40-60 minutes, a little shorter than session 1 but at a similar pace. This is effectively a recovery run after session 2 to loosen up the legs and get ready for the long run coming up in session 4.

Session 4: Long run

1hr 30 mins to 1hr 45 mins. Easy, steady pace. This session is just about time on your feet running. You should not feel exhausted at the end of this but it’s ok if your legs are tired and your feet ache.

If you need to miss a session this week then drop session 1 or 3 (or both if you need to). Also try to get in some strength and conditioning time. This might be a session or two with Isolation Fitness or simply a 15 minute stretch. Remember to use dynamic warm-ups before a run and static stretches after. Static stretches before a run will usually overextend joints and muscles and can increase the chance of injury, whereas if used afterwards they help prevent muscles shortening – which will lead to all sorts of problems and potential injuries later.

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