Adrian’s Half Marathon Training Plan – Week 1

This plan is based on running 4 training sessions a week. If you want more then fit in one or more 5-8k sessions on the other days. As you progress through the weeks you might want to up the mileage on these runs to 10k. If you want fewer sessions per week then I’ll indicate which ones you could miss out on and still stick to the overall plan.

Session 1: Fartlek run

10-12 x 1 minute at 5k to 10k pace with 1 minute recovery jog between. Don’t forget to include a warm-up and warm-down both of which should be 10-20 mins and should be at a slow pace. The important thing with Fartlek runs is that the pace of the early reps should be the same as the late reps. If you find yourself struggling then vary the pace on your recovery, down to a walk if necessary. Have a look back at the 5k plan to see the discussion on setting pace and using HR zones to help deciding what pace suits what zone. (5k training plan week 4).

Session 2: Cruise Intervals

6-8 x 1km at cruise interval pace followed by 2 minute jog recovery. Don’t forget a 10-20 minute warm-up and warm-down. These are not speed repeats but are stamina training intervals. Your cruise pace should be controlled and comfortable, it’s probably a little faster than your half-marathon pace but not as fast as 10k, maybe a 10 mile pace would be a good guide to start but you can use your breathing to help decide if that pace is ok for this session; you should feel comfortable and similar to a longer tempo run. Set yourself a narrow pace target to help you stay under control during this session.

Session 3: Easy Run

40 -60 minutes at an easy pace. An easy pace is faster than your warmup or jog recovery pace that you’ve been doing during the week but your breathing should be fully under control and you should be able to have full sentence conversations (with a running partner or yourself, whichever suits!) Remember if you’re running with another runner to practice social distancing at the moment. For these easy runs a partner can be useful as it’s harder to run with someone else on the other sessions. These 60 min runs form the foundation of the half-marathon plan and will help build the stamina you are going to need.

Session 4: Long run

Up to 90 minutes at an easy pace. These longer runs will help you build your endurance which in turn will help with the speed sessions so they are important. However, remember this is an easy pace run not a race! Easy pace is important because it won’t need as much time for your body to repair so that you can carry on with the training plan. Remember, not every run is a race and we’re training for a race in 10 weeks time.

If you need to cut a session from this week then drop session 1, if you need to miss another then drop session 3.