Adrian’s Half Marathon Training Plan – Week 6

So you’re over the half way point at it was a tough week last week. Although it’s not as tough this week, it’s not an easy week.

Session 1: Fartlek Run

10-12 x I min at 5k pace with 1 minute jog recovery between each rep. Include a warm-up and warm-down. This is a tough session and it’s the optional one for the week, if you need to drop a session then drop this one. These speed sessions will help when we bring all this together in to the half marathon. In particular these sessions are going to help you maintain your pace over the whole race. Obviously you won’t be running it at 5k pace but this is aimed at pushing your energy systems to exhaustion so that you can sustain a much longer race.

Session 2: Tempo Intervals

3-4 x 2 miles at Tempo pace with a 4 minute jog recovery between reps. Your Tempo pace is not as fast as session 1 but is faster than your easy pace. It’s going to be pushing your heart rate up to around 70-75% of your maximum heart rate, so you’re going to feel it but not be shattered when you finish.

Session 3: Easy Run

A short one for this session, 30-40 mins only, at a nice relaxed pace just to loosen up your legs from the speed sessions this week before the long run.

Session 4: Long run

Up to 2 hours. Nice and steady for this one. There’s also not progression this week, just a nice long slow run to get some miles in the legs.