Adrian’s Half Marathon Training Plan – Week 9

In to the final 2 weeks, so give it a final push to achieve your goal..

Session 1: Fartlek Run

6 to 8 x 1 minute at your 5-10k pace with a minute recovery between each rep. Don’t forget to include a warm-up and warm-down. Remember in these sessions it’s important to keep the same pace during the hard efforts and adjust the recovery pace if needed. However, if you feel like a challenge on this one then why not try the 1st 4 reps at 10k pace and the next 4 at 5k pace. It’s important to do it that way round so you can see if your legs can take the pace for the 2nd half of the session.

Session 2: Steady State Run

60-80 mins include 6 miles at a steady state pace after a warmup. At this stage we’re looking to stay relaxed at a relaxed pace, it’s a little faster than the easy runs and not as fast as tempo. You should feel like you’ve done a decent workout after this but shouldn’t feel tired.

Session 3: Short easy run

About 30-40 minutes only at a nice relaxed and comfortable pace. Include a warm-up and warm-down before you get into a comfortable, relaxed pace. You should feel refreshed at the end and keep this run under control.

Session 4: Fast finish long run

90 mins to 2 hours. Warm-up, then a few miles at your normal long run pace then finish with up to 4 miles at your goal pace, aiming for a total of 10-12 miles depending on what your target is for the half marathon. If you’ve got anything left to sort out in terms of nutrition or hydration for race day then today is the last chance to get that sorted. This shouldn’t be a tough day and you should finish confidently.

Next week is “race day”. If you’re not feeling confident that you can achieve your goal then it’s fine to repeat some of this plan to build your confidence and your fitness. If you’re struggling then maybe circle back to the 1st recovery week, if you’re nearly there then go back to the 2nd recovery week – make sure you include the recovery week though.

Now is also the time to start thinking about what route you’re going to use next week. Unfortunately, there isn’t an organised race you can try out the plan on at the moment so it’s going to have to be your own race which can make the event a little tougher but if you’ve stuck with the plan you’re ready!