Hereward Best

Yaxley A team set a club record at the Hereward Relay last Sunday becoming the first Yaxley team ever to come home in under four and a half hours.

Their time of 4 hours 29 minutes and 28 seconds was set despite having to over a mile extra. Leg four of the course was extended the day before the race, after it was discovered that a farmer had ploughed a section of the original course. Matt Lauch got the team off to a flying start with the 10th fastest time for Leg1 from 86 runners. Yaxley front runner, Simon Hunt, continued the good progress in leg 2 and handed over to in form Mike Morley for Leg 3. Morley maintained good progress despite taking a wrong turn at one point on the course. It was left to the club captain, Hugh Burton to bring the team home over the 11.5 mile last leg. Hunt and Burton had been part of the Hampton Hares team which set the previous club record in 2010. The team was very well supported on the day by their driver Colin Berridge.

In all, five Yaxley teams took part with a special mention for Suzie Hall and Neil Bason who ran the first two legs for their respective teams.