Barbara and Millie take top prize in the Club Handicap

Barbara Johnson and Millie Devine won the Senior and Junior handicaps on Thursday evening at Ferry Meadows.

Millie finished in a new pb of 10.04 knocking 15 seconds of her previous best, with James Evans (10.34) and Samuel Mackenzie (10.42) coming home in 2nd and 3rd. Thomas Evans (12.32) PB and Harry Morley (13.16) also ran completing their 2nd qualifying time.

In the Seniors Barbara Johnson was the winner in a time of 16.31 with Anna Totterdell in 2nd place (15.57), Mike Morley in 3rd (12.33), Dean Longman in 4th (13.53) and James Mogridge in 5th (11.13)

The next race will be on Sunday 29th November 2015