Adrian’s Half Marathon Training Plan – Week 4

Last week was a tough week, this week is not as tough. So you’ll be able to concentrate a little more on form. This type of week is a recovery week, with lower mileage and try to take a couple of days off from running or any form of exercise. This is essential to help prevent injuries. If you need to stretch your legs go for a short, gentle walk. But just keep the intensity low on those days off.

Session 1: Easy Run

40-50 mins. A nice easy pace and shorter than we’ve been doing on these easy pace runs. No racing, and if there’s any hills in there then slow the pace right down. You should finish refreshed and not tired at all.

Session 2: Tempo Run

3 to 5 miles at Tempo Pace. Don’t forget a warm up and warm down. The tempo pace should stretch you a little and by the end you should feel like you’ve had a decent workout. A good guide is if you are only able to snatch 2 or 3 word sentences whilst running.

Session 3: Easy Pace

This is a really short run of 30-40 minutes and a nice easy pace. Treat this as a recovery run or a warm-up before your long run.

Session 4: Long Run

90 mins. Building up the endurance strength. Remember these long runs should be nice and easy, relax. Try to run the final 20 minutes a little faster, but not at race pace.

This week still has 4 sessions but only one of them is relatively tough and remember at least 2 days of no exercise whatsoever – this is a recovery week and it’s important to reduce the risk of injury