Club Championship 2016-17

The Club Championships are run over a selection of races over the season. You can take part in as many or as few of the Club Championship races as you want. However to be eligible for the championship you must have taken part in at least 4 races.

Once again for the  2016-17 season, the club championship will be split by age category as follows:

For men: under 40, 40-49, 50-59, 60+
For ladies: under 40, 40-49, 50+

Your age on 1st June 2016 will determine your age category.

There will be 10 championship races and to be eligible you will need to take part in at least four of the 10 races with your best seven scores counting. Prizes will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd overall winners in each categories, plus the overall Club Champion for male and female.

Points are as follows

1st in category: 15 points
2nd in category: 12 points
3rd in category: 10 points
4th in category: 8 points
5th in category: 6 points
6th in category: 4 points
7th in category: 3 points
8th in category: 2 points
9th in category: 1 point

And the races are as follows

  • June: Eye 5k
  • August 14th: Thorney 5
  • September: Pinchbeck 10k
  • October: Great Eastern
  • December: Hinchinbrooke Frostbite
  • January: Cambs Cross Country
  • February: Bourne Frostbite
  • March: Milton Keynes 20 Miler
  • March: Sandy 10
  • May 24th: Timed Mile

Club championship 2016-17 (Men)

Click here to view mens’ club championship tables by age group

Eye 5kThorney 5Pinchbeck 10kGreat Eastern RunHinchinbrooke FrostbiteCambs Cross CountryBourne FrostbiteMilton Keynes 20Sandy 10Timed MileBest 7
Steve Joy-Good8151010281212101079
Michael Branston101512812881277
James Mogridge15615151566
Joe Wright121286104860
Mike Morley11015121553
Hugh Burton641066638
Kevin Peel310644835
Darren Hillier1215330
Matt Lauch121527
Keith Gillespie411015
Dean Longman8614
Steve Megson1316314
Andrew Little84113
Rob Sleight2112410
Jason Corden1438
John Ackroyd617
Keith McCarthy347
Paul McCarthy41117
Bob Smith22116
Jack Little1111116
Rob Coles134
Julian Fisher33
John Howard33
Mathew Bone33
Rob Smith123
David Whitwell22
Shaun Murphy22
Neil Burford112
Gary Masters22
John Howard112
Ian Vallance112
Angus Marshall112
Jim Grant11
Simon Moyle11
Matt Beeby11
Ross Cameron112
Don Brazier11
Mark Evans11
Chris Ruthe11
Philip Carline11
Gary Fulton11
Ross Bennett11

Club championship 2016-17 (Women)

Click here to view womens’ club championship tables by age group

WomenEye 5kThorney 5Pinchbeck 10kGreat Eastern RunHinchinbrooke FrostbiteCambs Cross CountryBourne FrostbiteMiton Keynes 20Sandy 10Timed MileBest 7
Sharron Toms10151510441510681
Gina Crane121512151569
Barbara Johnson41063108849
Dawn Bridges310124631048
Caroline Woods15151545
Jo Slade1862261237
Anna Mogridge12612636
Roslyn Loutit15101035
Lesley Harwood2683423
Emily Hawke11141102121
Sarah Smith81220
Anna Devine1111283319
Claire Piercy8816
Helena Potgieter82414
Nina Wright1321131112
Ruth Pollard1212
Kerry Balmer1212
Carry Murphy1212
Kate Johnstone11116111
Susan Williams4419
Wendy Freeman8
Jean Maggs12111118
Louise Ballantyne617
Natasha Jacob1416
Patricia Gallegos31116
Karen Freeman111126
Kirstin Homewood1135
Jayne Stringer11114
Dawn Friend1113
Lesley Coles11
Carol Riley11
Charlotte Sortwell11
Emily Walker11
Zelda Mawdsley11
Amanda Britton11
Hannah Swales11
Anne Meadows11

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